The problem of abandoned animals

The number of abandoned animals has increased so much that the topic became a huge social problem. Korean just adopt a pet without any consideration. And eventually it caused a lot of abandoned animals. This is the first problem. People abandoned their pet because of financial problems, pet wastes, noise problems and having difficulties by using public transportation. This situation is very ironic, because these reasons should be fully considered before adopting a pet actually. However, those situations happen every day. We need something, which can prevent these social problems.

The second problem is too much demanded cost animal shelter. More than 100 billion won will be used for managing the animal shelter every year. And there is no enough money. Due to this problem abandoned animals in animal shelter are badly handled. Cages are too small just like a prison. Furthermore, the animals who lived more than 10 days in an animal shelter should be euthanized because of financial problems.



Video project #2 – Final!

This video is our final video.

Among took this video I felt, that to make a video is very difficult and there are lots of people’s help to make one.

To do video project 2 we just have to take a video more than 5 min. However there are so many editing and so many tries to make this short video. But when we watch some TV series, one series took more than 45 min. It should be many works. !!!!

Now I know and learned about that work and now I have respect!

While we make this video there were lots of funny things! We always had to laugh ! 🙂

We always divided our works fairly and it was also very nice! 🙂

So this is HYLION’s final video and please enjoy it :))

Video project 2 rough



Last weekend we put the videos and pictures, that we took, together.

But we still don’t have the opening and ending credit. That is our most problem.

Because we review a restaurant and make some interviews and parody at the same time, it was a little bit difficult to find nice opening.

This video is our rough video. We still have to add some texts in videos.

After some discussion, we decided to take an opening from VJ특공대, which one is Korean popular series, which give us lots of information, something like delicious food.

That should be very perfect! As we think!

By next time we will finish the video, and can upload it on my blog.


video project rough

Last tuesday we talked about how we should edit our video. We knew that we need more resource. Hyunji couldn’t come that day so we wrote what we should do and we devided that.

Although all people were stressed because of test all group members were very active and all of them want to do something, because this is a team work. It was very kind.

We had some trouble, that only Jaehong can use the tool, which can edit the videos. so we decided that Jaehong do the editing and we will find all of resources. And he agree with this idea.

So I will upload the resource list and Soon will write a script and Bae will draw an outline and I will do other things. And hyunji will find some nice background music.

video project #2 -rough






I met my team member in 왕십리 yesterday.

We made an extra day for our video project 2.

Actually we wanted to visit 스시도쿠, which one is my best restaurant in my life, but they had a break time at that moment.

So we decided to visit another sushi restaurant. It was ‘청춘초밥’.

To take a video of video project 2, we decided to take a restaurant review and we played a role.

I was the reporter, and Soon was the special guest, who will introduce us the restaurant ‘청춘초밥’ for us.

It was a little bit embarrassing, because there were so many people in 왕십리 at that time, and we should play a role xD. Some people even stared us.

We took so many videos, and we will edit them on Tuesday.